A downloadable Demo

This is a 2-D platformer that I made with a friend of mine. My friend, Max, did all of the music and art. I, Kent, made all of the programming and other boring stuff that makes it a game. We both hope you enjoy, however this is a demo and not reflective of the final release. Updates will be added to improve the game.

The gameplay in Duck is rather simple, jump and shoot, dodge, deadweight, just pure simple platforming. The environments and obstacles you will face on this journey are many and grand. Secrets, alternate endings and new challenges abound and it's more than likely you'll find a few in the demo. You can climb to highest points in the atmosphere, and you can go down into the depths of caves and lost civilizations, the path you take to get there is up to you. I personally doubt that the majority of the people who play the game will ever see half of it. While the game isn't perfect, we think it's impressive just for our first game. The game's pretty hard as well having many leaps, tricky jumps, hard enemies and bosses. Are you ready for something like this? Can you get past the challenges that lie before to touch the clouds? Or will you just stick to the beaten path?

The demo is in its sixth iteration since we started publicly releasing it, we are very proud of all the work we've done since we've started. Since then we've added so much hard work into the demo and we hope you can have a lot of fun with it.

Windows Only

You can download the demo here: